While you were sleeping: Pigeon saves speeding driver from $117 fine

Who needs a get out of jail free card when you can have a well-placed bird?

Police in western Germany are attributing to divine intervention a speeder’s avoidance of a ticket, after a pigeon flew in front of a traffic enforcement camera at the last second. Kreispolizeibehoerde Viersen / AP

Here’s what happened as the Montreal Impact started their homestand with a win

Profiling by the city’s police force was the main focus at the launch of Montreal’s public consultation on systemic racism. Balarama Holness opened his presentation by playing a CTV News clip of Montreal police Inspector André Durocher denying the existence of racial profiling within the force’s ranks. “Systemic racism and profiling is trauma,” said the former Alouette and candidate for mayor of Montreal North, “and for that truth and reconciliation to heal, there needs to be pardon, there needs to be ‘I’m sorry.’” The public hearing comes only months after a research group at Concordia University released a damning study on police interactions with racial minorities in east end Montreal. Almost all of the people interviewed reported being routinely stopped by officers and asked for their identification for no reason. They reported feeling traumatized by police and distrustful of the institution because of these interactions. Speaking on behalf of the city, Johanne Derome said the police department, fire department and métro security have increased their efforts to recruit employees who are Indigenous or a racial minority. She added that training among city employees — including police — is being updated to include “notions of profiling.”

The Lester B. Pearson School Board tabled a plan to address declining enrolmentSchool closures, relocations and mergers are among possible scenarios proffered in the document, as is cohabitation with the language Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys. A motion to launch a Major School Change consultation, as the process is known, was carried unanimously at a meeting of the Pearson board’s commissioners Monday night and the detailed 73-page document describing the options was posted Tuesday on the board’s website. Enrolment in the LBPSB’s high schools declined from 11,979 students to 8,314 between 2007 and 2017 and, during the 2017-18 school year, seven of the 11 high schools in the West Island board were operating at 60 per cent capacity or less.

Police in western Germany say divine intervention saved a speeding driver from getting a ticket, after a pigeon photobombed a traffic enforcement camera at just the right moment. Perhaps inspired by this week’s Ascension Day national Christian holiday, Viersen police said “the Holy Ghost must have had a plan” to help the driver. Just as the radar clocked the driver at 54 km/h in a 30km/h zone and the camera flashed, the pigeon flew in front of the car, obscuring the face of the driver with its spread wings and thereby concealing the necessary evidence of who was at the wheel. Police say “thanks to the feathered guardian angel,” the driver was spared a $117 fine but should take it as “a sign from above” to slow down.

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