Vancouver Sun letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pierrefonds resident Manon Boileau watches workers stacking sandbags near the Rivière des Prairies in the Pierrefonds area of Montreal on Saturday. John Kenney / Montreal Gazette

Recent comments by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna about flooding in Eastern Canada are pure political propaganda and not supported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The best available data contradicts their alarmist and erroneous rhetoric.

Regarding floods, the IPCC’s 2018 Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C, says: “There is low confidence due to limited evidence, however, that anthropogenic climate change has affected the frequency and the magnitude of floods.”

Trudeau, for political purposes only, makes deliberately misleading statements disregarding science, history and the long-standing advice of flood engineers to manipulate public thinking during tragic times. Shame on him!

Jim Church, Kelowna

Selley unfair to Trudeau

It’s no secret that the National Post is no fan of liberalism and the Liberals in particular, as witnessed by the endless anti-Justin Trudeau columns. While the prime minister deserves criticism on many fronts, Chris Selley’s recent column sets a new low.

Should we now expect our leaders only to ride bicycles and watch Netflix and stop occasionally visiting wealthy people all to avoid using any fossil fuels? Everyone wants to save the planet, but no one, especially Conservatives, ever want to pay for it.

Gorm Damborg, Vancouver

Financial reports tell another story

Re: Monday’s op-ed by Marc Lee of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The 2018 profit of Burnaby’s Parkland refinery was $206 million, up from $82 million in 2017. PriceWaterhouseCoopers audited the financial statements. They are to be believed, versus Lee, an economist working for the NDP/union-funded Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Parkland’s sales and profits increased because the company invested $2.5 billion to purchase assets from both Chevron and Ultramar. That $2.5-billion investment caused revenues to increase in 2018 to $14.4 billion from $9.5 billion.

The company sold 17 billion litres of fuel in 2018 and it earned net profit of 1.2 cents per litre of fuel sold. All that information is available in a cursory scan of their financial statements.

Lee’s claim of a $400-million profit from the Burnaby refinery is fiction. Anyone who took five minutes to review the company’s financial statement would know that.

Terry Bradshaw, Victoria

Free transit won’t solve climate change

Re: Victoria council free-transit proposal.

For Victoria Coun. Ben Isitt to say that the reason for free transit passes is to help protect the environment is ludicrous.

Victoria contributes less than 0.000001 per cent of the Earth’s greenhouse gas emissions. To say that taxpayers should pay for free transit to protect the environment is inane. Sure, personal vehicular commuting contributes to carbon pollution, but the global problem won’t be solved by free transit in Victoria.

Bruce Morrison, Colwood

EV owners must pay their share

It’s time electric vehicle owners paid for their vehicles’ electric charges. I’m fairly certain I’ve seen EV owners drive to a nearby public recharge station and return home so that I pay for their recharge instead of them.

If I replace my gas heat with electric to reduce the use of hydrocarbons, I still have to pay for the electricity that I use, which has a higher cost than natural gas. People want taxes to be somewhat fair, and this clearly isn’t fair.

Bob Garnett, Richmond

Private clinics needed

It is ludicrous that in this day and age the NDP government’s attitude remains in the Dark Ages concerning private clinics operating alongside our hospitals. They need to wake up and help citizens get the surgeries they need.

Barbara Eifler, North Vancouver

NDP is arrogant about health care

I am outraged at the arrogance of Attorney-General David Eby concerning the B.C. medical system.

Doctors and especially patients are having to wait excessive time to access operating room time. European countries have had private clinics for years and it works a lot better than our stupid insistence on only public health care. That ideological view reminds me of our neighbours to the south and their blind “right to bear arms” mantra.

More doctors might consider staying here to practice if they did not have their hands tied behind their back by our government.

Irene Sam, Vancouver

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