Trump says ‘no rush’ for deal as talks get underway with Kim Jong-un

«Speed is not important,» he said, in what’s beleived to be a reference to denuclearising the Korean peninsula.


«I’d like to express gratitude for [North Korea] not launching missiles and conducting nuclear tests. Chairman Kim and I had a good conversation yesterday regarding this issue.»

Kim said the Hanoi summit was the time to show an outcome, and the dialogue on Wednesday evening at dinner had been «excellent».

He added: «There are people who remain sceptical about this meeting. But I’m sure that all of them will be watching the moment we’ll sit together side by side as [though] they are watching a fantasy movie.»

Earlier, Kim had said «time was precious» for the two leaders to talk and appeared to urge Trump to focus on the «quiet time» scheduled for their meeting, and not the cameras.

The meeting ended after 30 minutes, making it shorter than scheduled. The two men looked relaxed as they walked out to the pool area of the hotel to meet US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and North Korea’s spy chief Kim Yong-chul. Kim’s sister, Kim Yo-jong followed 10 metres behind and stood back from the group.

Addressing the media before the meeting.

Addressing the media before the meeting.Credit:AP

As the spy chief, who had delivered Kim’s letter to Pompeo in Washington in January, and Pompeo had earlier talked together poolside, she watched from behind a tree.

At 9.45am local time (1.45pm AEDT), senior officials from North Korea and the US joined an expanded meeting, which was expected to break for lunch just before noon, Hanoi time.

A signing ceremony is expected in the early afternoon.

Analysts have said that, for the Hanoi Summit to be called a success, a detailed road map and timeline for denuclearisation must be produced.

US negotiators are believed to have softened their demands that North Korean completely denuclearise before tough economic sanctions are lifted. The debate between the two sides has focused on whether agreement can be reached on a «schedule» for concessions that would satisfy both sides.

This could mean a partial lifting of sanctions in return for progress towards denuclearisation.

The US had previously indicated a peace declaration may be signed in Hanoi to formally end the Korean War.

North Korea is believed to have offered to dismantle the Yongbyon nuclear plant, while the US wants international inspectors to access North Korean sites.

Kirsty Needham is China Correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

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