Robinson picking brains of England, EPL managers ahead of WCC

Similar requests were put in to former Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers, now in charge of Scottish giants Celtic, and English Premier League side Burnley’s manager Sean Dyche.

Robinson says it’s been a great experience to pick the brains of the three high-profile coaches.


«They were all incredibly accommodating,» he said. «I first got to spend some time with Brendan in Scotland; he is a very intelligent man and was great to talk to.

«Gareth Southgate was much the same; super smart but also very driven about what he wants to achieve.

«Sean Dyche really impressed me. There is a man who can get the best out of a team.

«He is not coaching the biggest team in the Premier League but he knows how to set up teams to win and is very clear about his principles. He’s also very hard nosed but incredibly charismatic.»

Southgate has one of the toughest jobs in world sport, dealing with a success-starved, expectant nation still clinging to a World Cup won over 50 years ago and an insatiable national media.

However he managed to win over the English public last June by guiding the team to the World Cup semi-finals for the first time since 1990, which is what prompted Robinson to approach him.

Gareth Southgate, who has dealt with immense pressure, was one of the coaches sought out by Robinson.

Gareth Southgate, who has dealt with immense pressure, was one of the coaches sought out by Robinson.Credit:AP

«It was all different stuff that was discussed,» Robinson said. «How you work on tactics, how you deal with players off the field, how you work with the media and of course the psychology of the team and what you as a coach can input to them.»

Robinson says it’s been a while since he’s had conversations with such sporting luminaries.

«They were so open and honest,» he said. «It was really interesting and beneficial.»

Robinson knows the quality of the NRL makes winning consecutive premierships the code’s holy grail.

«It’s been an awesome six years but we want to create some longevity here,» he said. «We want to keep getting better, 2018 is done.

«Once you start looking backwards that’s when you slip up.»


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