One Nation candidate Steve Dickson caught uttering sexual and racial slurs in new undercover footage

In another, NRA staff advised Mr Dickson and James Ashby, Senator Hanson’s chief of staff, to say gun control advocates «stand on the graves» of mass shooting victims if they pursue gun reform.

After Al-Jazeera published its report, Mr Dickson and Mr Ashby called on the publication to release all footage they recorded in order to prove it was not taken out of context.

Admitting the One Nation team «got on the sauce» once they arrived in America, Mr Dickson said at the time he acted like any young Australian man would.

«I’ve drunk as a young man, I’ve been to strip clubs, probably done a lot of things most young men have done in this country.»

Former Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd famously admitted to visiting a New York strip club while representing Australia at the United Nations.

In footage aired on Nine’s A Current Affair, a strip club worker says Mr Dickson was «so demanding» after he stuffed money under her top.

«She’s keen, I think,» the married man said. «I reckon we watch this bitch dance, she’s hot.»

Mr Dickson also claimed white women are better at sex and insulted Asian women.

One Nation could gain up to one seat in every state at the upcoming federal election, but is up against other right-wing minor parties including Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party and Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.




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