From the Archives: Australia’s unfair dictation test

Published in The Age, 12-10-1938.

Published in The Age, 12-10-1938. Credit:The Age Archives

The act marked the end of an era as far as immigration law was concerned, he said.

“On those relatively infrequent occasions when someone reaches our shores who cannot be permitted to enter, the traveller will simply be told he cannot land because he has been refused and entry permit,” he added.

Entry permits

Mr. Osborne said that migrants reaching Australia tomorrow would receive the first “entry permits” provided under the new Migration Act which was passed by Parliament last year.

He said the entry permits would consist of a stamped endorsement in the migrants passport reading “Permitted to enter Australia.”

The stamp would include the heading “Department of Immigration” and the name of the port of entry.

Mr. Osborne said this endorsement would prevent the migrant from becoming a “prohibited immigrant” upon landing in Australia.

He added that the new regulations had just been gazetted and completely revised instructions on new simplified procedures generally had been sent to all officers.

The department was confident that the transition from the old to the new law would be accomplished smoothly.




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