England makes most adults presumed organ donors, non-donors to opt out

London: The story of Keira Ball, a sprightly nine-year-old, did not end in 2017, when she was fatally injured in a car accident in England. Her parents consented to donating her organs, saving the life of Max Johnson, also nine, whose heart was failing because of an infection.

Pictures of these two children, who never met in life, have been on newspaper front pages and news broadcasts in Britain this week, the most highly publicised of the cases that have helped win passage of what has been called Max and Keira’s law. It is intended to boost Britain’s low rate of organ donations by making most adults presumed organ donors by 2020.

The British Parliament House in London.

The British Parliament House in London.Credit:File

Under the new system, cleared the final hurdle in Parliament on Tuesday, adults living in England, with narrow exceptions, will be considered potential donors unless they have expressed objections. Wales already has a presumed consent or «opt-out» system, and Tuesday, Scotland’s Parliament debated a bill to create a similar one.

«Although we’d never discussed organ donation, I knew it was what Keira would have wanted,» her father, Joe Ball, told the BBC.

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