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In the company of the patient portrait artist, anti-gun campaigner Walter Mikac is as relaxed and open as any who have sat in this chair. Sensitively prompted, he recounts in detail the tragedy for which he is sadly famous, at a time when it seems as pertinent as ever to ensure we never forget. As Do paints his portrait, Mikac paints with words a vivid one of his lost family. As with Do’s recent encounter with Lindy Chamberlain, this is bound to touch all who see it.

Five Bedrooms

Five BedroomsCredit:



8.30pm, Ten

In keeping with the rash decision that got these singles together on the property ladder to begin with, things continue to move fast. A case of unrequited love has been dispensed with, double lives look close to being revealed, and a midlife crisis takes a sudden turn. It makes a refreshing change to the sometimes-sludgy pace of local drama. Roz Hammond pulls some super slapstick moves at tonight’s housewarming party.

Talkin 'Bout Your Generation

Talkin ‘Bout Your GenerationCredit:



7.30pm, Nine

Spirits are high under Shaun Micallef’s big top, as three representatives of the generation dropped from this reboot of the pop-culture quiz agree to cop flak about being old. Baby Boomers Peter Rowsthorn and Tina Bursill take it like the troupers they are, but it’s the terribly sporting Red Symons who gets the actual tomato in the face. The ludicrously easy questions mean most of the fun to be had here is vicarious.

Bridget McManus is a television writer and critic for Green Guide. She was deputy editor of Green Guide from 2006 to 2010 and now also writes features and interviews for Life & Style in The Saturday Age and M magazine in The Sunday Age.

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