Perth developer can keep operating despite claims it ripped off tradies and clients


“Without commenting on specific matters, the minister’s office understands the Building and Energy division of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety has been monitoring the activity of Mener Group for some time, which led to the Building Services Board refusing to renew the company’s registration as a building service contractor in October 2018,” he said.

“As the company is no longer a registered building service contractor, it is not entitled to enter into contracts for, or carry out building work with a value in excess of $20,000,” the spokesman said.

“If persons are aware of the company engaging in building activities after its builder registration was refused by the Board I would encourage them to share this information with Building and Energy by calling them on 1300 489 099.”

The Building Commission referred all questions to Mr Quigley’s office.


In a statement to WAtoday, a Mener Group spokesman said they were now aiming to trade as a private property developer rather than a residential home builder.

“Please note that as of October 2018, we no longer build or develop any property for the public,” he said.

In response to a question about why tradespeople and others trying to call the company were unsuccessful, he said, “we are a private property developer and do not require a phone number for enquiries.”

The company has no active building contracts, although it is fighting a wind-up application, lodged by a Perth painting company, in the Supreme Court of Queensland.

A Mener representative said the wind-up order was “currently in the process of being dismissed».

The Australian Security and Investments Commission has lodged an action to strike the company off its registry.

A strike-off action can be initiated when a company does not pay their annual review fee, when it has not responded to a company compliance order or when a company is being wound-up and there is no liquidator.

Mener has two months from February 5 to challenge the notice.

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