‘I threw my guts up’: Melbourne man finds tooth in plane meal

Mr Button was on his way home to Melbourne from Wellington aboard flight SQ248 on Tuesday after a short trip visiting a friend, when the stomach-churning incident occurred.

«The flight attendant that attended to me was adamant that she needed to take it away for testing and was trying to tell me that it was a small rock, when it was without a shadow of a doubt a tooth,» he said.

«Then I was given a $75 voucher that I could only use on duty free in Singapore Airlines flights.»

Mr Button said he talked to the passenger next to him who also thought it was a chipped tooth and has confirmed the story.

Mr Button took photos which show a small object resembling a molar tooth.

Singapore Airlines has apologised to Mr Button for the experience and the object will be tested in Melbourne.

«We are currently investigating this incident and have sent the object for analysis. Once the results of the analysis are known, we will determine what the most appropriate course of action to take is,» a spokesman said in a statement.

«We expect all of our meals to meet a consistently high standard and we are disappointed in this discovery.»


Источник: Theage.com.au

Источник: Corruptioner.life


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