Ex-AFL player Yarran jailed for five years over meth-fuelled crime spree

Yarran’s use spiralled out of control in 2017 when his niece died, then his cousin Shane Yarran — also a former AFL player with meth use problems — took his own life.

«From that point on, his use of meth skyrocketed and he saw no point in life,» Mr Dobson said.

«He simply did not see anything in terms of his future.»

Mr Dobson said Yarran sought to end his life when he committed the crimes and while meth use was no excuse, it was «an explanation for deranged behaviour».

«He was mentally unwell but one would expect that … with chronic meth use,» the lawyer said.

Judge Linda Petrusa said Yarran’s crime spree had left «a trail of devastation».

It included assaults on five people, the theft of two cars, the attempted theft of two more cars, a multi-vehicle crash and had a big psychological impact on his first victim, a 63-year-old neighbour to his grandparents.

«You hurt yourself and you hurt others,» she said.

«Unlike your victims, you had a choice.»

Yarran played 119 games for Carlton before he was traded to Richmond ahead of the 2016 season, but was delisted and never played a game for the Tigers.

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